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ssoTranslations Chinese translation services
ssoTranslations Chinese translation services
ssoTranslations Chinese Translation Services is a Canadian company providing professional Chinese to English and English to Chinese translations at unbeatable rates. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!
Who can do a better Chinese translaation?
The Chinese language is complex and difficult to master. It has been recognized that the best Chinese to English or English to Chinese translator is someone living in an English-speaking society who has native command of the Chinese language.

About us
Our translators, whose mother tongue is Chinese, have been living and working in Canada for 3-4 decades. They write native English and Chinese (Simplified/Mandarin and Traditional), are highly educated and knowledgeable in a broad range of industries, and have extensive Chinese translation experience and excellent writing skills. Check testimonials from our customers.

Money-back guarantee
Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Our quote will provide the details.
How do we ensure quality?
Our rigorous skill-matching, translation and proofreading process ensures accuracy and fluency in the target language. In addition, for proper translation of special terms, we use our in-house developed translation memory database system to guarantee accuracy for new customers and consistency for repeat customers. We do not use machine translation.

Translation process
Unbeatable rates
  • Our rates start from US$0.10 or C$0.10 (*) per source word - a saving of more than 50% compared to other reliable companies
  • Certified translation SPECIAL! For $25, we'll translate any license, certificate, letter or document with less than 250 English or Chinese words, and provide a translator's declaration.
  • Minimum order $10, waived with a $20 deposit for use within 6 months
  • Special rates for large orders
  • Rush orders accepted with a slight premium
(*) Starting rate is for translating personal letters or emails from Chinese to English. Rates for other documents depend on complexity, format, content and source language. Get a quote from us.

Quality service at unbeatable rates

We accept orders from anywhere in the world
No matter where you are, let us take care of your Chinese English translation needs. No order is too big or too small. Everything is done electronically via email. We provide free software to split files that are too big to send in one email.
Get a quote from us
  • Email your English/Chinese document (or a few paragraphs) or a link to a webpage to
  • We'll email you a quote that includes the fee, time required, payment scheme and money-back guarantee.
  • We guarantee quick response and confidentiality of your document.
Accepted documents
  • Any Chinese or English document: advertisement, agreement, article, book, booklet, brochure, card, catalog, certificate, contract, documentation, email, essay, form, handbook, label, letter, license, listing, manual, menu, message, minutes, pamphlet, presentation, report, resume, screenplay, script, sign, speech, tag, webpage, website
  • Formats: doc, docx, rtf, ppt, html, htm, asp, pdf, xls, xlsx, jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, txt, pub
Turnaround time
  • 1-2 business days per 2000 words
  • Expedited service available
Contact us Free test
We provide test translation up to 75 words at no charge for editable text documents with 1000+ words. Please email us the full document with the test script highlighted.

Need proofreading?
If you have a translated document (English or Chinese) that needs proofreading, we can help too. Please email us the original and translated documents for a free quote.

J. Menosky
ssoTranslations makes a typically expensive and confusing process affordable and understandable. I've worked with them on scripts and research materials, from English to Chinese and Chinese to English -- Traditional Characters, Simplified and even Classical. The ongoing feedback mid-project is especially valuable. Cannot recommend more highly.

S. McCane
We have been very happy with the translations from American English into simplified Mandarin Chinese. Your services are very economical and the comments I get from various vendors in China are positive to the flow of the language translation and the technical accuracy. I studied Chinese for three years and understand how subtle both languages can be. Thank you so much for your fast and strong support. We will continue to use your services in the future.

J. Kenner
I've come to rely on ssoTranslations. Quick turnaround, attention to detail, and fantastic customer service have made me a repeat customer.

S. Taylor
ssoTranslations provides me with top quality Chinese to English translations on a regular basis. I have cross referenced a good number of the pieces translated and they all stand up to the strictest third party scrutiny. ssoTranslations, in my opinion, should be your first choice when searching for a Chinese-English translation service. Moreover, I am regularly amazed at the speed of which my work is returned. I highly recommend ssoTranslations to others.

K. Baird
I cannot thank you enough for your prompt, personal service and your incredible attention to detail. You not only responded to my request for a quote faster than any of the other services I considered, but your fees were much more reasonable. More importantly, you provided the opportunity for me to correspond with you regarding the fine details of my document. Your personalized customer service was phenomenal -- a rare find these days. I will use your services exclusively and will recommend you to anyone in need of translation services.

C. Silverthorn
Everything with the presentation is great. We will be sure to use you again in the future.

Mary M
Your service was very fast and has the best price I found out of about 4 different ones I researched. They say "you get what you pay for", but I don't think that is so in this case. You went above and beyond for me and I appeciate it.

J Loh
I appreciate your speedy translation and am very happy with the results. If I require translation in the future, I will surely come back.

Lisa Du B
Thanks very very much! I am impressed by both your price and turn-around time. You can bet I will be talking to other adoptive families about your good work.

Jennifer H
Thank you!!!!! What a wonderful service you provide. We are so grateful - we'll definitely use your services again and recommend you to others.

Cara A
Thank you so much!! I'm sure we'll be using your services again in the future and I'll be passing the word to my friends as well.

John T
Thank you for your excellent service. The other people that responded to my request were very, very expensive.

Dana E
That was incredibly fast! Thank you so much. We really appreciate it and will be utilizing your service again in the future.

Jim S
For sure you'll be hearing from me again as I'm going to drop my previous translator.

John F
Excellent!!! Many many thanks. I will be using your services again certainly!!

Anthony L
Everything was perfect, I'll recommend your services to others.
  • Pay us securely with any major credit card through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to make payment and only PayPal will know your credit card number. Our quote includes a PayPal payment link. Advance payment is required before the order is confirmed. Large orders are split into payment-delivery segments which will be detailed in the quote.
  • Learn more about PayPal.
  • Other arrangements are available for approved corporate accounts.
  • Take a look at the PayPal payment link USD CAD
    PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
  • Canadian clients may use INTERAC Email Money Transfer to pay us using their own bank's online banking system. Participating banks include BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust., President's Choice and many other financial instituations.BMO example, others similar.
We guarantee complete confidentiality of the source and translated documents.

Certified translation
If certified translation is required, we can provide a document stating that the translator is competent to translate the document, and that the translation is true and accurate to the best of the translator's abilities.

You're welcome to link to us.
Simply copy and paste the following on your webpage:
<a href=""> ssoTranslations Chinese Translation Services </a>

How much do you charge?
Rates depend on content, complexity, source language and document type. Our rates are among the most competitive in the industry. Check our starting rate and rates of our competitors. We guarantee you get the best value using our service.

How do I know if your translation is any good?
You would not know unless you are competent in the source and target languages. Therefore, you need a translator who has excellent command of English and Chinese, as well as a thorough understanding of both cultures. Our translators, who speak native Chinese, have been living and working in Canada for more than three decades. This is the best combination for Chinese translation in either direction.

A friend of mine can read both languages. Can you provide a test translation before I place the order?
Yes, email your document to us with the test script highlighted and we will give you a sample translation without charge. However, we limit the script to 75 words and require the document to be larger than 1,000 words.

How do I know if you provide good service?
The easiest way is to check the testimonials of our satisfied customers

What if I am not satisfied?
We are so confident you will be completely satisfied that we provide a money-back guarantee. Our quote will provide the details.

How do I get a quote from you?
Email your document (or a few paragraphs if you prefer) to and we will email you a quote detailing the fee/rate, time required and money-back guarantee.

I'm submitting a document to the government, they need a certified translation. Can you do that?
Yes, we can provide a document stating that the translator is competent to translate the document, and that the translation is true and accurate to the best of the translator's abilities. Check the government website for specifics.

How do I pay you?
You pay us by any major credit card through PayPal in advance. For large orders we divide the total amount into multiple advance payments corresponding to multiple deliveries. You do not need a PayPal account to make payment. Paying through PayPal is similar to any online credit card payment and only PayPal will know your credit card number. Take a look at the PayPal payment link USD CAD
Canadian clients may use INTERAC Email Money Transfer to pay us using their own bank's online banking system. Participating banks include BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust.

My computer doesn't display Chinese. What should I do when I receive your Chinese translation?
For English to Chinese document translation, we provide you with a PDF file in addition to the Word file so that you can view and print the Chinese document on your non-Chinese-enabled computer.

How about confidentiality of my documents?
We guarantee confidentiality of your source and translated documents. They are safe with us.

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