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Chinese translation

What you need to know about the Chinese language:

  • Numerous dialects
  • One written language
  • No alphabets, only characters
  • Characters are pictorial: much evolved and simplified over thousands of years
  • Two styles of characters: Traditional and Simplified/Mandarin
  • China and Singapore use simplified Chinese
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas use traditional Chinese
  • Many characters have the same pronunciation
  • All characters have 4 high-to-low tones
  • Each tone may have a different meaning

Chinese translation challenges:

  • Cultural differences
  • Historical background
  • Language subtleties: context, proverbs, idioms, slangs, etc
  • Contemporary habits and customs
  • Differences in grammar and sentence structure
  • Uncommon names and abbreviations (person, place, company, etc)
  • Complex computer input method
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